WEB EXCLUSIVE: Lancashire promoter Kieran Farrell on the horizon

Courtesy of Kieran Farrell’s Facebook

Former fighter and boxing promoter, Kieran Farrell (14-1), talks about his career and his plans for the future.

The 26-year-old was inspired to take up the sport when legends such as Prince Naseem Hamed and Mike Tyson were in their primes.

“When I first saw fighters like Naz (Prince Naseem Hamed) and Mike Tyson on the TV, I wanted to be so much like them,” said Farrell.

“I even emulated their styles in the ring such as Naz’s footwork and Tyson’s aggression and power.”

After months of dedication to the sport, the Lancashire-based athlete turned amateur in the early 2000s and had earned himself a place at the national finals many times and managed to win the junior championships too.

His final amateur record stands at 33 bouts, 18 wins and 15 losses.

In 2009, he turned professional and made an impression by knocking out Gary Sheil in three rounds.

After 12 successful bouts, he fought for the vacant British ‘Central Area’ Lightweight title against Joe Elfidh and knocked him out in five rounds to claim the victory.

Farrell recalls the moment he won the belt.

“It was such as great feeling to be able to finally win a treasured belt that has been won all other British champions,” he recalls.

“Even though it was not a world title, it was a starting point for my career and I was willing to take more fights and earn more belts.”

Kieran Farrell v Anthony Crolla

Courtesy of Kieran Farrell’s Facebook

In 2012, in a fight with Anthony Crolla, everything changed.

After going the ten round distance, with soon-to-be world champion, Farrell collapsed back stage.

The fight left him with a brain damage and was sent to hospital immediately.

“I can’t remember how long I was in there but I was simply shut down for quite some time,” he recalls.

“My mum and the rest of my family were there to support me. When I finally woke up, I was told by doctors that there was a massive internal bleeding on my brain on fight night.

Following his recovery, he was told by doctors that he could never box again.

He says: “I wasn’t surprised to hear the doctors telling me I couldn’t fight again. I knew myself I wasn’t in a perfect state to even claim of coming back.

“At the same time, I was sad that after all that hard work and dedication in the ring and in training camps, it was kind of emotional to put that away and not fight again.

“These types of things happen and I don’t blame Anthony one bit because at the end of the day, he had a job to do just like I did.”

But Farrell couldn’t keep away from boxing and decided to pursue a career in promoting.

He stated: “What happened there was a huge downfall in my career but I didn’t let that affect me. I wanted to get close to boxing as I could.

“That’s where the promotional side of it came and I wanted to in a way help other young athletes to accomplish their goals as I could’ve done in mine.”

So far he has promoted four events in England, with one coming up in April 14th.

In Farrell’s mind, he plans to expand his brand and start promoting events outside England.

He stated: “I’ve started off with promoting fights in England including my city of Manchester and now I’ve got more events planned in Ireland and Yorkshire too.

“It’d be boring to have the same event in Manchester, so I think it’s very important to be more adaptable to other locations and introduce new fans to the sport.”


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