Alisa Butterworth off to Muay Thai World Championships

scorpion peelBolton girl Alisha Butterworth is full of pride after being selected to represent England at the Muay Thai World Championships in May.

The youngster is 12 years old and attends St James C of E School in Bolton but has been training and fighting Muay Thai since she was just five years old and now trains at least four, and sometimes even five times a week.

It was Alisha’s dad Ronnie that initially got her in to the sport when he noticed a sign that said ‘bully proof your child’ and so he took her along to a gym called Walkden Thai Boxing where she trained for five years until she was ten years old.

From there, the fighter moved on to the Scorpion Peel Thai Boxing gym to try and advance her fighting skills, since the move, Alisha has won two belts, becoming awakening champion, British open champion, as well as winning a northern sandee champion glove.

Her current record after 20 decision fights is 13 wins and seven defeats and she recently felt confident enough to try out for the England team to fight at the World Championships which will take place in Greece on May 31 this year.

After initial training in Swindon, she was selected for the area trials in Birmingham, and after two hours of training and sparring, Alisha was told she had been successful and was off to Greece to fight for the England team.

The high school pupil described the pride she felt as she received the news as ‘something that will never leave her’.

Alisha’s role model is Dakota Ditcheva who is the current British Muay Thai Champion at 18 years old, she loves watching the three-time world champion fight and aims one day to be as good as, if not better than her and one day even face off against the champion.

The hot prospect and her England team-mates Cain Cartwright, Cole Oliver and Macey Derbyshire are currently fundraising in several different ways to help with costs of attending the World Championships.


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