WEB EXCLUSIVE: Boxer is guaranteed title shot

Welterweight prospect Stephen Danyo (10-0-3) says that a title shot for the intercontinental title is very close to happening this year.

Danyo, who was born in Rotterdam, Netherlands but raised in Manchester, says that fighting for the British title would be difficult to get a hold of – considering the fact that he wasn’t born in Britain.

His last bout was back in October 2016 when he outpointed Serge Ambomo in six rounds.

“Usually fighters get a shot at the British title but since I wasn’t born in the UK, it’s hard but it really don’t matter to be honest because my team have already sorted me out a shot for the intercontinental belt sometime this year,” said Danyo.

Since his last bout, the 27-year-old has been busy training around the world in various training camps such as Turkey, USA and even Dubai.

Within those training camps, Danyo, also known as ‘The Chosen One’ has worked on his fitness routine, sprinting and mountain climbing.

With a title guaranteed and no lead sponsors, Danyo plans to keep active for this year especially in order to return the favour for the boxing board that will place him in a bout for the title.

“It’s taken quite some time to get a title shot, but now I have to show on fight night that they made the right decision in awarding it to me,” he said.

“I’ve been to many training camps around the world and I definitely plan to keep active by having more and more fights for this year. At least around ten fights including the one for the belt.”

In terms of his strategy for his next bout, he stated: “I plan to stick and move with my shots. Keep boxing and jabbing to get the lead and throw some combinations on top.

“I usually always keep an active and focused because anything can happen in a fight, so the best thing to mainly do is be smart and be ready at all times.”

His next bout will be taking place at the Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester on March 18th 2017.


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