WEB EXCLUSIVE: Boxing coach’s hope success for upcoming event

Two boxing trainers at Elite will be having a busy day on Saturday – considering the fact that they will be hosting their first ever show in Bolton.

Paul Usher, a boxing coach and qualified nutritionist will hosting the show on Saturday entitled ‘Judgement Day’ along with co-host and boxing trainer Alex Matvienko.

Both men who are very busy in their time of work formed the idea of this event together for the sake of community service and building fighters fan base.

“We’ve had many shows in Bolton but there were no affiliations with the event such as sponsorships deals or media coverages,” said Usher.

“But this time we’ve managed to gain local sponsorships from our club. TV deals has been quiet difficult because we’re only an amateur boxing show but by the looks of it, we’ve selling the event quiet well and getting a lot of attention.”

The event will contain an eight scheduled bout card including regular Elite Gym trainee and amateur fighter Danish Dar and many other fighters of various gyms in Bolton will also be competing.

Matvienko, a former boxer and a high reputable trainer believes this event will give the young amateur athletes a chance of getting to increase their popularity and status.

“These guys have been working hard and no doubt they will get a much bigger name come fight night,” said Matvienko.

“The fans will enjoy this no doubt. All friends and families are welcome to this event. There’s not just the boxing to it.

“We have music and entrainment values for them, ring ladies with the advertising boards, desserts, bars and quizzes too.”

The event will be taking place at the Holiday Inn venue in Bolton.

Ticket prices are at £15 for over 16s and £7.50 for under 16s.

The money gained from the event, in term of the ticket sales will be donated to charity which is the PFF (Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation).


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