WEB EXCLUSIVE: Mark ‘The Hurricane’ Heffron strikes at Middleton Arena


Boxer Mark Heffron (14-0) put in a tremendous performance knocking out Christian Hoskin Gomez (5-20-3) in two rounds.

The bout, which was held at the Middleton Arena, was the first fight in 2017 for Heffron.

The Lancashire-based fighter stated in a previous interview that he would be ‘more calm’ and consistent with his game plan.

He executed his game plan thoroughly in the match-up.

In the first round, Heffron fought on the backfoot and used his jab to keep distance from his opponent in the early minutes.

With a minute remaining in the round, ‘Hurricane Heffron’, put together a four-punch combination and sent Gomez to the canvas.

To Gomez’s credit he managed to get himself up and last the round.

“I managed to take my time with the routine that I was set with and fight smart this time,” said Heffron.

“I kept myself from making any silly mistakes and used my long reach and jabbing to set myself up for the big shots that put him down.”

In the second round, the 25-year-old went on the offensive from the moment the bell rang.

Heffron’s fired an eight punch combination with Gomez completely helpless to stop him and trapped in the corner of the ring.

Referee Michael Alexander had seen enough and called a halt to proceedings.

After the bout, the super-middleweight prospect gave credit to his opponent and was very pleased with his performance.

He stated: “He took some good shots throughout the fight and I rate him for that but tonight was my night.

“I want to thank my team, my trainer and the people who came to watch me fight. The support has been amazing and I want them to be part of my journey.”


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